Teen & Pregger

Have you ever seen the MTV show, 16 & Pregnant? This is the same consept. I'm taking four teenage kids and writing a story (blog form) of the life before and after having a baby.

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First is Brae Davis. She's 15 years old and pregnant with her first child. As of now, she and her boyfriend are together, but will that last? Only time can tell.

Episode #1 

My name is Brae Davis. I’m a 15 year old sophomore from Liberty Sky, Virginia.

I live in a one bedroom trailer with

My fiancè, Shawn, and my parents.

Shawn and I sleep on the couch because there’s not enough beds for everyone.

I make straight A’s and B’s in school, and my graduation is just an arm-length away.

Every morning, Shawn and I ride our bikes to school because we hate the bus.

After school and homework, I always practice my guitar playing but now everything’s fixing to change because..

I’m pregnant.

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